March 24, 2018

Like a star that lights the sky

so your spark my blackened eye

Like the Sun unveils the Earth

so your love my second birth

Like the moon reflects the light

So my soul your inner might

Like the snow a gentle fall

so your voice upon Its’ call

Like the rain that keeps the flower


December 25, 2017

Where and who were we the second before we were conceived, were we not already a conception,

Where and who will I be the second after death, will I still be that conception

Were we really ever born or just transformed,

Are we really ever going to die or just transformed


November 12, 2017

I borrowed your beauty to please my eyes

I hope you don’t mind

I’m missing you dearly down deep inside

It`s just for a while

‘cause when you`re going somewhere

you leave me standing nowhere

And here I am by myself

watching you take your final steps away.

Now i see you walking...

August 19, 2017

When I was a child I often wondered where I was the second before I was conceived, was I not already me?

I also wondered where and who I will we be the second after death, will I still be me?

Appearing out of nowhere terrified me, but disappearing all together paralysed...

July 15, 2017

Feeling unsettled one day,

I went to the Lord and asked;

If The trees sway

The leaves rustle

The birds sing

The wind whispers

The oceans roar

The silence hums

The past reveals

The words speak

The pages scream

The feelings yell

The longing cries,

Lord, when will your voice be…

May 11, 2017

Now I see this is where it all is

The past, the future, before and after

This is where my creator and my parents are

Hello Mom hello Dad

Now I know the language you used

I couldn`t understand before

I still miss you, some days more than others

But now I know you are here


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© 2017 by SAM TORE

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