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Better Life

I remember long ago i used to dream of rock n roll music filled my soul seeping down below i remember many nights staring at the time wishing i could find a better way to make a dime i never knew before this i never thought it could be i couldn't see beyond my eyes, that you could be my better life i remember wasting mine spinning nine to five walking half alive thinking it’s alright i used to justify the story of my life never asking why you were burning deep inside repeat chorus your the one that never left my side, i was blind your the one that always smiled at me, when i was down i always thought that it was you, that caused my pain, i was wrong but now i know that your the light, that guided me, i can see that your my better life. repeat chorus



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now i know everything will be ok now i can see everything so clearly it's shining from the stars the mirror to the past and now it flows the power to the source it's getting louder and lou

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