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he awakes each day to face what’s in his mind and curses that the sun as risen cause each day the demons grow in size and life it feels like a prison don't tell me it's a curse and it's gonna hurt till i die won't you tell me it will rise and i'm going to live till i die Hell, hell on earth pleading to save me is all i can say hell, hell on earth pleading to save me is all i can say i caress each day to change what's on it's mind but the forces that are back won't listen and each night brings it's own surprise and the dark it feels like a season repeat chorus sunset falls as he lays to sleep and tucks his head in deep praying heaven to take him away or will the sun have something to say hell on earth has driven me insane and i can no longer bare the pain free my soul to touch the sky for my heart is prepared to die



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I dedicate this book to my father who gave birth to it on December 22, 1999. It took a lot of courage to share what was initially my personal journal. I want to thank my wife Claudia who encouraged

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