• Sam Tore

Break the Chains

I’m stuck in a time and place remembering things i had to face time just wouldn't wait just kept on its steady pace lost inside myself cant't find him who never grew buried by sorrow and pain wanting a time he never knew i can't break the chains repeat 4x i came and i'll go away alone with a lot to say they kept walking by just kept on their merry way hide behind my shell feeling the days cold chill hardened by horror and rage waiting for a life to kill i can't break the chains repeat 4x i can't break the chains outro



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If you don't know where to go, don't move!!! The universal Energy will give you the directions at just the right time


I dedicate this book to my father who gave birth to it on December 22, 1999. It took a lot of courage to share what was initially my personal journal. I want to thank my wife Claudia who encouraged

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