• Sam Tore

Haunted House

come a little closer come and see what i look like why you look so pale it's only feeding me i know it's been a while but i thought you'd recognize the attic of your mind has spawned a formless womb you musn't be afraid no harm will come to you these pangs of childless birth will soon deliver you why your showing me things i don't want to see i've seen them once before i won't again i can't let you be you belong only to me the world can never see that part of me step a little further your view is much too small my world is on display you only think you hide you thought you could repress my strength is in your fight you can hide what caused the pain but the wounds will always bleed come a little closer come and sit with me the show has just begun you have the starring role why your treating me like an evil enemy how can you betray the life i gave now i'm laughing back as i plan my next attack i won't let you live without my life



© 2017 by SAM TORE

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