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I don`t remember when

When I was a child I often wondered where I was the second before I was conceived, was I not already me?

I also wondered where and who I will we be the second after death, will I still be me?

Appearing out of nowhere terrified me, but disappearing all together paralysed me.

I can`t remember the life I had before I was born, but

As I move on can I remember my life here? I pray, I pray, oh I pray that I do.

Because the demise of forms seems so cruel

I miss you mommy, I miss you daddy, I don`t hear and feel you anymore

Do you miss me, still see and hear me, oh I pray, I Pray that you do

I long for the time we had together, and remember it often

It makes me wonder what this life means with or without a beginning or an end.

Why have you blinded us with such mystery and armed us with such awareness

Why do I know I exist, why do I know I`m alive

Dear God, Dear Spirit, Dear Universe

You see, you must have known about my curiosity, you must have known about my searching

About trying to find who I am, who you are, what this is

So if you must have known when you created me, I must conclude you are inside of me

Separation is only an illusion, something I learned to believe when awareness set in

So without a single step, I begin the journey to the stillness within

No beginning, no end, I can`t wait for that moment to be

As I immerse myself in the eternal now

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