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I remember now

Now I see this is where it all is

The past, the future, before and after

This is where my creator and my parents are

Hello Mom hello Dad

Now I know the language you used

I couldn`t understand before

I still miss you, some days more than others

But now I know you are here

Nothing has changed but the form

It all stays the same, it never ends

How could it , it never started

This is where my journey lies, my purpose, my being

The rest is what I created, the dream, the illusion

I must admit sometimes it seems damn real

That is until Spirit reminds me of the truth

First I sensed the ocean was near

Then as I began to hear it from afar, I followed the sound,

And as I continued my search for it, it revealed itself

I fell to my knees in awe and humility

Now it welcomed me in as I finally answered the call

I immersed myself and we instantly became one

I remember now

Thank You

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