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I borrowed your beauty to please my eyes

I hope you don’t mind

I’m missing you dearly down deep inside

It`s just for a while

‘cause when you`re going somewhere

you leave me standing nowhere

And here I am by myself

watching you take your final steps away.

Now i see you walking to me and i blink to clear my eyes now my heart is racing inside as i begin to realize you are the vision that i had as a boy but couldn’t understand and so a memory it remained as the child became a man now i know you were living in me now i see your the promise to me and i’m glad dear your by my side for life waiting to hear your final steps to me. i wish i was that kiss that left for your lips and taste that beaming smile that fills me deep inside as i long to be with you as i wonder where you are my mind wanders to the start you and i were just a spark but i now i see the flame was always shining bright it was it is and forever to be you and me for eternity and i’m glad dear, it’s you and me for life hearing you take your final steps to me watching you take your final step i see feeling you near, reminds me you are real seeing you here now i know it’s always been for real.


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