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Hi, I'm Sam.

The Haunted Experience

 After years of playing in and out of bands in the late eighties, Sam Tore realized that there wasn`t enough cooperation and way too much competition in the Indie Music Scene. On top of that, the early nineties brought the rise of tribute bands and the pay to play policy introduced by many clubs and bars that in my opinion made it close to impossible for bands to write and perform their own material. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to host a radio show on Radio Centre-Ville 102.3 CINQ FM, I jumped on it. I proposed “Exposure”, a show dedicated to promoting the Independent Music Scene in Montreal. The show started out with 3 thousand listeners and quickly rose to 17 thousand.  Over the course of its; 5 year run I interviewed  over 200 bands  including; Jonas when he was still with Rubberman, Moist, Grim Skunk, Oblivion, See Spot Run, etc

At the height of the shows success, It was decided  to add the visual aspect of the talent these musicians had and give them a place to play, so in 1997 Tore Productions was formed  to promote monthly concerts featuring all the bands that had been interviewed and were willing to play.
with the rise of the internet and technology in the early 2000s, promoting and recording became more accessible for bands to do it themselves and decided to refocus my energy to my own music and writing. In 2002 I self published A Maze in Grace a collection of poems that sold 400 copies, one of the poems  ‘I asked God... ‘ got published in  “Word in the World” a publication released yearly by Concordia University.

I also began playing in bands again and In 2012 I released “Haunted House”,  my first full length Cd. It is being distributed on I tunes, Cd Baby, Spotify, and is also on the Touch Tunes catalogue

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