• Sam Tore

A childs' Prayer

Where and who were we the second before we were conceived, were we not already a conception,

Where and who will I be the second after death, will I still be that conception

Were we really ever born or just transformed,

Are we really ever going to die or just transformed

Do we choose our forms and the demise of them, or do they just happen

Was there really ever a beginning, is there ever really an end

Is there any purpose to it all, does it all really Matter

Are we created, imagined, holographic or just freaks of nature

is this life a useless amnesia inducing vacation, and then we go back to what we knew

is it a sentence for crimes committed lasting according to the crime

is the experience we have predetermined according to the crime

is it a privileged reward allotted to those who merit it for some reason or another

or maybe just an experiment gone horribly wrong, or explosively successful

will we ever know the truth here or anywhere

why do i even know i`m alive

if both ends of this journey are the same; Then what of now,

do i continue to ask questions, do i continue to pray

without a single step, I begin my journey

I am intelligent but just too stupid to know it

you created me, please give birth to me, release me from this womb of fear, i`m ready to live



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